About me

small-fiedler-peter-dsc_0055.jpgAbout two decades of professional experience, 5 university degrees, 3 spoken languages, communicating for half my career for universities and non-profit organisations. Successfully introducing organisations into the world of social media, internet, and traditional media.
As a HR management expert, I also successfully communicate within the organisation.

Parallelly, I have successfully coordinated many national and international projects either as a manager, a professional assistant or a communications expert.

In recent years, I have been working in the private sector, in a manufacturing environment, in the communication triangle of employees, management and the public. 

After I have earned my first full time degrees, I started off as the assistant of the General Director of Finances of Eötvös Loránd University, the oldest university in Hungary dated back to 1635. This university has currently around 32 000 students and 1 800 academic staff in 8 faculties. 

After two years I have changed to a more specific area. I became the International and Communications Officer within the university's Centre for Scientific, Innovation and Grant Affairs. As such, I was responsible not only for communication, but also for international student mobility within the CEEPUS program, and for international staff exchange within the frames of the Erasmus program. 

After another two years - for a one year period - I accepted the position of Erasmus (Student and staff exchange) Coordinator at my alma mater, Kodolányi János University College, from where I changed from higher education to another non-profit sector: trade unions. 

Since then I became the Communications Officer - later the Head of Communications - of Hungary's strongest National Trade Union Confederation, LIGA Trade Unions. Here I have managed to introduce LIGA TU into the world of professional media relations, advertising and social media. Not only because of that, but the number of affiliates since then have constantly risen. 

After successfully completing my tasks and projects at LIGA - after almost a decade - I made another significant change in my career.

After learning the theoretical basics and getting to know one side thoroughly, I found it important to gain practical experience from the other side - the employer side. This is how I got to the headquarters of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Budapest, where I worked as a global recruiter for the Junior Professional Officer Program for two years.

With the experience gained there, I arrived to Pécs, to the world-leading, German owned Hauni Hungaria Machine Manufacturing Ltd. in 2018. Combining all my knowledge and experience so far, as a Senior PR and Marketing Specialist my main tasks are Employer Branding, external and internal communication, focusing on the following:

  • Planning and executing a strong employer branding strategy;
  • Digitalisation of internal communication in a mostly blue collar worker setting;
  • Following and introducing new trends;
  • Backing HR and recruitment;
  • Building up press relations and social media presence;
  • Organising internal and external corporate events from family days to CSR activities;
  • Working together with a strong team and with agency cooperation.


Since my first year at elementary school, I literally never stopped learning and studying. I have earned the following degrees (so far):

  • Public Relations BA;
  • Institutional Communications MA;
  • Teacher of English Language and Literature BA;
  • Teacher of Ethics, Sociology and Anthropology MA;
  • Human Relations – Labour Relations Manager Expert MA;

small-egyetemek.jpgStarted at Kodolányi János University College in full time, and in four years there were my first two BA degrees. From here I attented part time courses while working full time. This way I have studied at the Universities of Szeged, Pécs and Veszprém, and so far for the last time in 2011 I earned my degree at Corvinus University.